Ali Farka Tour – Goye kur

Ali Farka Touré - Ali Ibrahim "Farka" Touré (1939-2006) was a malian singer and guitarist born in Kanau, Mali, Africa.  His music is at the crossroad of tradi...

Listen to Ali Farka Touré – Goye Kur (6,4 min) on spotify.

Goye Kur can be found on the album The Source which were released 2008, track nr: 1


Music video with Ali Farka Touré

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He’s Ry Cooder looking very un-Ry-like (in a vest!) with Ali Farka Touré on stage at the 1994 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. This is an electric version of a track from Touré’s 1993 album, The Source. Sadly it cuts out before the end. Can’t get over the vest…