Timbuktu – Fallskärm

Timbuktu - Two artists share the name Timbuktu.  1) A rapper from Sweden.<br />
 2) A rapper from London, Ontario.  1) Jason Diakité (born 11 January 1975), known unde...

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Fallskärm can be found on the album Fallskärm which were released 2012, track nr: 1

About Timbuktu

Jason Diakité (born 11 January 1975), known under the stage name Timbuktu, is a Swedish rapper. He is from Scania, the southernmost part of Sweden, from a city called Lund, and raps with a scanian accent. Having released four studioalbums and a live album he has firmly established himself as a political rapper, borrowing influences from folk music, American blues as well as music from west africa and Jamaica. A Tribe Called Quest was Timbuktu’s favourite rap group when he was a kid. Timbuktu started rapping in the early 1990s, and quickly became very popular in the hip hop scenes of Malmö, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. In the mid 90s he formed the group Excel with the Danish producer Obi. In 2000, his first solo album, T2: Kontrakultur, was released, produced by Breakmecanix. The double album features one disc with tracks in English and the other disc in Swedish. At the same time as he was recording T2, Timbuktu toured with Petter and Thomas Rusiak. Timbuktu has also recorded with members of Looptroop and he is a member of the Swedish Reggae group Helt Off and has played alot with the funk-group Damn! Discography: High five og 1 falaffel (2008) Oberoendeframkallande (2007) Alla vill till himlen men ingen vill dö (2005) Live! m/ damn! (2004) The båtten is nådd (2003) W.D.M.D. (Wått’s dö madderfakking diil?) (2002) T2: Kontrakultur (2000) last.fm


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Timbuktu med Oskar Linnros på piano hos Skavlan Show.

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